Are the Little Things Really That Big?

Everyday people get caught up in their small problems, the trash didn’t get taken out, the kids didn’t clean their room and through a fit, or your partner didn’t hug you enough… Guess What People, We choose our own paths. Do the small things really need to add up so much that we let them wear on us?

If your trash needs taken out get off your ass and do it. If your kids were having a crazy fit and didn’t clean up, find your center and try parenting them. And if your partner didn’t hug you and you are having an issue, Shame on You. If you want something in your relationship Add it Yourself. You can hug them… If we want something in our relationship don’t expect our partner to fulfill it, add it yourself, and see how quickly they start shining.

We have the ability to rise above the small things, and remember that the important thing is to smile, to spend our time laughing, and loving the people around us.

Life is Short. Not all of you know this, but my dad died at the age of 26.

He is an amazing man that I never really knew, I have out lived him by 5 1/2 years. It is crazy to think that he didn’t even get as much time as I have had on this earth, and all the stories that I hear are about how he was Happy, and Funny, and Boisterous.

We can all take a lesson from a person like that. Live everyday to the fullest. Enjoy Every Moment with your loved one, because we never know what tomorrow will bring. Our tomorrow could be cut short by a bus running us over.

So is that trash worth a fight? Or those kiddos… do they need you to yell at them or do they need you to find compassion and love and patience? And that loved one… do you think that they are going to feel more loved if you complain that they didn’t hug you enough?

Remember life is all a matter of perspective.

Choose to be happy.

Choose LOVE.


Author: valeriechimes

I am soul searching... everyday is new.

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