What Motivates People?

Motivation. Drive. Passion.

Are these things all the same? Have you ever looked at your situation and asked yourself, “What exactly is it that got me here?” Or, “Why did I DO that?”

These questions which we may not always want to ask ourselves may just be the thing that you need to help bring yourself to the next level.


Different things motivate different people. Some people do well when receiving incentives, others do better when people talk them up, where others excel when they are pushing against something or “showing them”.

It is pretty interesting looking at what is behind a person’s drive. If this peaks your curiosity, you may be on the journey of self discovery.

We all have a reason to continue pushing through… If you also enjoy studying and spending time using self-reflection it can make you begin to wonder, “What is the thing that makes me dig my nails in and try harder?” It may take some time to discover the reason behind your why, but it is worth putting in the thought.

Nature vs. Nurture

We are all conditioned from birth to behave in specific ways. Raised by our parents to respond better to specific behaviors. Some parents yelled or showed disappointment, so children of these people might work hard to keep the peace around them, thus becoming people-pleasers. Others parents may have spanked, creating people who maybe don’t mind being confrontational. While others still, had parents which rewarded with nice words, creating people who are working for the next pat on the back or compliment. There are many different types of parenting, and different approaches to how people motivate their children to follow directions.

It is important to realize we can have a change of heart, and decide to be motivated for different reasons than just these simple rewards that are given in the workplace.

Behavioral motivations can be different than the Reason that we all choose to be motivated.

The reason behind the drive you have may be caring for your family, gaining that extra dollar, or the prestige behind what the next promotion is going to give you. In some cases though, the motivation is of a higher calling, making a difference in the world, and saving lives.

Now you ask, what does it matter what the driving motivation in your life is?

There is some stock in appreciating the fire which resides in your soul. Working from a place of Love or Passion will push you farther, and may help you reap the benefits of your full potential. There is always a deeper reason which is motivating a person, learning exactly what it is that motivates us may just give us that little extra that we need to achieve our future success. Tapping into our own personal meaning of life and then using that as our own personal motivation will help to almost propel us into our best possible future.

Finding our own motivations and exploring the “why” in our lives is a form of self-exploration, almost an act of self-love.

Learning the art of self-love can be difficult, but if we take the time to learn more about ourselves and our motivations we can set ourselves up for success.


Author: valeriechimes

I am soul searching... everyday is new.

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